About Us - Stay Safe

We have started our staySafe.ejhuri.com

Journey from the sense of our responsibility to our beloved country. We all need to come forward to help the community, so that no non-ethical business entities can’t take advantage on our country’s people from the basic needed items in this current situation like PPE.

Staysafe.ejhuri.com is a project of Ejhuri.com and its associates. It’s a helping Project for Bangladeshi Peoples.

Ejhuri.com is belonging to ASTRUM Technologies (BD). ASTRUM Technologies (BD) and it’s associate concerns are the authorized distributor of ASTRUM HOLDINGS LIMITED, INFINIX MOBILITY LIMITED, ORAIMO TECHNOOGIES LIMITED, CREATIVE LABS(Only online) AND GARMIN LIMITED in Bangladesh.

Astrum Technologies (BD) has been formed by a group of well experienced, energetic and dynamic peoples consisting of Engineers and professional marketing persons whose main aim is to introduce latest technology and modern concept. All the team members’ efforts are focused on products and accessories related to information technology (IT) and the mobile phone. At the same time they are also working in breaking down the barriers between people and technology thus adopting the most unique and modern concept in this processes thereby ensuring all-round “Quality and Value”.

This is one of our Social Business initiatives, where we have targeted to give a portion of our profit to the community who need most. As part of this initiative we have first targeted to bring down all the Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) prices by trying to import the product and sell them with the lowest possible margin.

Our next step will be to keep aside a good portion of this margin for the purposes of distributing food to the needy people and PPE to the doctors community. To make it happen we alone cant do this, we need support from all the people around us, so that we can bring our product to everyone’s door step.

When maximum people will know about our offer we can put a maximum effort through this. So please inform about our. staySafe.ejhuri.com ecommerce site to everyone and bring a positive effort from your side.

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