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Oxygen Concentrator

5L 93% medical home use oxygen concentrator XY-6
  • 24-hour continuous supply of oxygen, High flow rate 5L for double oxygen inhalation
  • High-frequency negative ion transmitter, HD LED big touch screen
  • Well-designed power-saving mode
  • Pure copper oil-free compressor
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy cooling fan with low noise

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DEDAKJ Home Oxygen Concentrator- 1-6L/min Adjustable with Remote

Main Features:

  • Negative ion function for 6million per cm3
  • Timing function for 180min at most
  • Power saving model
  • Sleeping model
  • Auto power off for protection
  • The infrared remote control
  • Function of system-board oxygen
  • Support for 2 people breathing oxygen at same time
  • Function of full touchable screen control
  • Oxygen-producing accumulated
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High Flow Oxygen Therapy System HFO-1 and HFO-1 Home- Life Med

High Flow Oxygen Therapy System

  • Proved therapy for spontaneously breathing patients.
  • Benificial for patients with humidification
  • Applicable for patients with bypassed upper airways.



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Life Med Ventilator LA20B

৳ 125,000.00

Life Med Ventilator LA20B

Ventilator for sleep therapy Non-invasive ventilator for COPD sleep quality evaluation system  mask and cricuits remote patient care service.

Ambient noise level acoustics

Customized medical grade blower with CE certification maximum safety and reliability acoustic noise level lower than 28dB

High accuracy

Highly accurate pressure control with leak compensation

Smooth inhalation and exhalation

High-performance blower and motor driver seamless synchronization with respiration effort.


Adjustable Ez_Relief is helping patients achieve Effort-free exhalation.

Fast Response

Fast rise time and sensitive trigger help to reduce WOB

Touch Screen

Touch screen and GUI Intuitive operation


Real time waveform Detailed breath pattern

Automatic start and stop

Multiple masks supported

Full-face mask
Nasal Mask
Nasal Pillow


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Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen simplified

EverFlo concentrators reduce the cost of oxygen therapy

Ideal oxygen concentrators

for you and your patients. Philips Respironics recognizes the growing need for cost-effective and reliable oxygen concentrators that can reduce the cost of providing oxygen therapy. That’s why we’ve developed a series of forward-thinking oxygen products like EverFlo that simplify your oxygen business.

Expect industry-leading quality and reliability

EverFlo stationary oxygen concentrators can save you time and money over the course of ownership because of their design and quality. Field-proven over more than three years, EverFlo was rated highest in perceived quality by a 2008 independent survey of homecare providers, and hundreds of thousands of units have been deployed worldwide. Manufactured in the United States and backed by our deep design knowledge, EverFlo is developed using only high-quality parts. With a recessed flow meter, metal cannula connector, strong plastic casing, proven sieve bed, and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, you will notice a reduction in repairs, complaints, and unscheduled visits.

Enjoy ease of service

EverFlo is designed with fewer parts resulting in lower overall maintenance costs. EverFlo has just two filters. The external filter can be changed in minutes without special skills or tools and the internal micro disk filter is simply checked during routine maintenance procedures.

Easy to store, transport, and deliver.

EverFlo is compact, has a streamlined and integrated handle, and weighs only 31 pounds. This results in lower shipping and storage costs and may reduce risk of worker injury.

Give your patients what they want.

Your patients will appreciate the compact, non-medical design of the EverFlo oxygen concentrator because it will fit right into their home environment. The unit is designed to be small, light, easy to transport and will fit into the trunk of a car. EverFlo has an easy-to-mount humidifier bottle connection and no patient filter.

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